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Governments push on with Cybersecurity Law and Policy Initiatives – an Overview so far in 2017

Another day, another massive personal data security breach… but how have law-makers and regulators reacted in developing cyber-security policies so far this year? This week it was reported that Equifax – the US credit bureau – suffered a giant cybersecurity breach this summer compromising the personal information (including names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, … Continue reading

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New EU Cyber Security Directive enters into force, alongside new US Cyber Incident Coordination Directive

Cyber threats know no borders even if the law does…so how are cyber policies evolving in 2016 to deal with the increasing complexity and scale of cyber-incidents now faced by countries, businesses, and individuals? As anticipated in my post from January this year, a bolstering of cyber security legislation is squarely on the legislative and … Continue reading


New US and EU Cybersecurity Legislation Locked-in for 2016

Systemic threats may ideally require systemic solutions, but to what extent will new legal provisions make a real difference in the future in the way organisations share, receive, and use cybersecurity information? Last year, I wrote a post outlining efforts across both sides of the Atlantic to move forward cybersecurity policy in legislation. As expected, … Continue reading


Latest cybersecurity policy in the US and UK news

Legislators and policy-makers do more to encourage companies to routinely share cyber threat information, and best-practice learning, with government agencies Cybersecurity policy is a hot topic, regularly hitting headlines worldwide. The first two months of 2015 has been no exception in the US, as President Obama kick-started the year by warning of the need for … Continue reading