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The EU Commission and its official Communication on Online Platforms: is the e-commerce Directive being attacked by the back door?

As you might remember, a draft version of the European Commission’s Communication on Online Platforms and the Digital Single Market was leaked at the end of April. From digesting it at that time, it seemed to be clear that the Commission had taken the view that content regulation should be sectorial and the liability exemptions … Continue reading

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On Delfi v Estonia… Is it time to adopt a good-Samaritan style exemption?

The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) recently upheld the decision of the First section in the case Delfi v Estonia, which in 2013 found that holding a news portal liable for the third-party comments posted on its Internet news portal did not amount to a violation of Article 10 of … Continue reading

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Google settles ‘right to be forgotten’ case with UK business man and comes under pressure from Europe to implement global de-listing

Google probably wishes it could be forgotten as the remit of its legal obligations continues to make headlines The press has been full of news this year about the deluge of requests sent to Google following the Court of the Justice of the European Union (CJEU)’s ruling in May, which confirmed the right of individuals … Continue reading